Zero Waste Week 2019

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This week is Zero Waste Week: a great initiative designed to help people think a little more about what they throw away. Previous years have focussed on reducing food waste and plastic waste. This year, the focus is on climate change – a hot topic in every sense.

It’s estimated that the world produces 2.12 billion tonnes of waste every year. Landfill is a significant contributor to climate change, as methane, a greenhouse gas, and leachate (the liquid run-off) are produced by every landfill site in the world.

Food waste, clothing and plastic packaging from food are three of the most common things that end up in landfill. Taking a waste audit can help you identify where your waste comes from.

Visit the Zero Waste Week website for  lots of ideas for ways that you can reduce your waste. It can help you save money as well as easing the strain on the planet. While bigger changes need to happen too, everyone can make at least a little difference.

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