Make: Egg Baubles

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Flicking through a vintage magazine, I saw a guide to making eggshell garlands for the tree. This reminded me of Faberge eggs, and Easter egg decorations. So I decided to make some baubles from eggshells.

Try to crack eggs carefully. I use a knife to get as clean a break as possible. You can also crack eggs horizontally though it is a little harder. Rinse the eggs then dry.


Hold them back together and paint with two layers of old nail varnish. It’s a great way to use varnish which is going lumpy. As it dries, the nail varnish will fix the egg back together without any glue required.



I made a feature of the crack, inspired by Kintsugi. I used gold nail varnish and biodegradable glitter.


However, you can use a hot glue gun and decorate with broken jewellery or crafting crystals if you have any. You can also cover it in layers of tissue though I’ve yet to try this.

You can add a loop of dental floss or silver thread, sticking it on with nail varnish, but I just nestled them around my tiny tree.


It’s a fun craft – though your hands may need cleaning with nail varnish remover, and make sure you ventilate. With a little practice, it’s a quick and easy way to add festive cheer to your decor.

You can also hide tiny gifts from seeds to jewellery as a festive alternative to crackers. Just crack them to reveal your prize – and re-seal with nail varnish after if you want to use them again.

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