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Windowbox Wonders

Getting a windowbox set up is easy. You need: A container. This could be a traditional windowbox or you could opt for something a bit quirkier. I like to match the plant to the container, for example growing camomile in a vintage teapot; strawberries in large; stemmed glass bowls; salad in a salad bowl; or mint in […]

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Eat, Grow

Cook’s containers #1: Lettuce hanging basket

Growing lettuce is one of the easiest things ever (as the lettuce rockery proves). This hanging basket is ideal if you have limited windowbox space. Simply fill a hanging basket with moisture control compost, scatter with lettuce (rocket, sorrel or whatever)  seeds, hang it outside your back or front door, water every day (or as often […]

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Eat me #1: First harvest of the season

Sorrel, rocket and mixed leaf (from bottom to top of image) at 4-6 weeks Strawberries grown in a windowbox at 4-6 weeks  OK, I may be a little over-excited and proud-motherly about my first crop of the season, but lunchtime brought with it the first meal enhanced by the garden’s delights (herbs aside). As the […]

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Living with lettuce

Of course, if you sneer in the face of a mere windowbox and own your own house, you can always opt for making a living wall instead. Lettuce, rocket, spinach, sorrel and tumbling tomatoes are just a few of the veg you can grow, and if you get bored of the way it looks, just […]

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