Garden-inspired goodies #1: Kate Broughton seed cards

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Kate Broughton’s new range of cards which I first saw on Tatty Devine aren’t just gorgeous: they’re also perfect for gardeners, as they come complete with seeds. I loathe beetroot but the pictured beetroot card is so pretty that I couldn’t resist posting the pic (not everyone hates beetroot with a passion, after all). The range also includes carrot cards which would be perfect to go with one of Tatty Devine’s adorable new bunny rabbit brooches (pictured below).

There are lots more seed cards on Kate Broughton’s site too, including leek cards, radish cards, pepper cards, tomato cards and cauliflower cards. No pea cards yet, which is a shame given my love of peas, but it’s a lovely idea and I’ll certainly be getting these for gardener friends over the course of the year. She’s also got cute accessories including this vegetable bag and this mushroom bag, along with an utterly adorable squirrel brooch. I’m a new fan.

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