Top ten quirky wellies for gardeners

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Wellies have become a standard part of festival-goers’ luggage in recent years. As such, wellington boots have had a makeover and gardeners don’t have to stick to classic green boots any more (I do have to confess to having a penchant for the green wellies with frog eyes but that’s a childhood aspiration that was never satisfied, and is thus filed under ‘nostalgia’ rather than ‘good idea’.) Without a frog wellie in sight, Groweatgift has scoured the internet to find the quirkiest options around.

With a removeable insole and reinforced toes, these are practical and pretty
Add glamour to gardening with these leopard print bargain boots- currently only £14.99


These starry wellies from Office are a bargain at £15


Designed as 'wedding wellies' the price tag clearly reflects this - it's £32, rather than £21 for the same style wellies in pink or plum. Cute idea though


At £39.99, these 'Maneater' wedge wellies are a tad steep, but if you simply can't do without heels, even in the garden, you may be prepared to pay the price
Wear your heart on your, err, feet with these cute and girlie wellies - the price of (welly)love being £25.

Yes, these are £58. And yes, if you're going to get muddy, the fabulous fake fur tops will soon get matted and horrid. But these are Hunters - one of the top welly brands - and more importantly, so gorgeously ostentatious that I don't care. Want!


For bargain fluff - albeit wellies that aren't for shrinking violets - these red fake-fur topped wellies will certainly get you noticed - for the bargain price of £16.99
Kitsch with a touch of class at a mid=-range £35
At £17.99, these are relatively cheap, shiny and polka dotted. Win!
Or you can always paint your own wellies to ensure that you’re never dressed in the same boots as another gardener (oh, the horror). has a great kid’s welly-painting kit for £16.95, including the boots. Or you can simply use your old boots and either apply oil-based paint in a pattern of your choosing (if you’re not naturally gifted, use a stencil and practice on a piece of paper first) or stick jewelled beads, sequinned string or kitsch plastic charms onto your boots with a welly-compatible glue. Post a link to a photo if you decide to decorate your own boots – it’d be great to see your creations. 

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