How to attract birds #2: Feed them (bird hamper to be won)

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Winter may be over but that doesn’t mean that birds don’t need feeding. According to Bill Oddie, birds need energy for the breeding season, particularly given the increasing urbanisation of wild birds. He’s created a range of bird food recipes alon g with a website and Youtube channel to help answer common bird feeding questions.

He says, “My advice to new starters is always the same – keep it simple. You only need two foods to feed just about every wild bird who visits your garden: a good seed mix like my no-mess, no-waste Premium Garden Friendly which should be fed from a birdseed feeder. And for ground feeding birds, like robins, wrens, blackbirds and thrushes, try Premium Mealworm Crumble – no bird feeder required. The only other thing you need daily is fresh water,” says Bill. If you want to attract lots of different birds, you need to consider feeding on three levels: sprinkled on the ground, on a bird table and inside a good quality bird feeder.

Groweatgift has got a bird food hamper up for grabs for one lucky reader, containing Really Wild Bird Food, Garden Friendly Mix (so called because the husks have been removed from seeds so they won’t germinate shoud the birds scatter them around the place), Mealworm Crumble, Bill’s Bird Cake with Mealworms, a six-pack of Energy Feast Balls, and a plastic seed feeder*. For your chance to win, simply post a comment below, either offering a wild bird care tip or linking to an article you’ve posted about some aspect of wild bird care. The best tip/article wins the hamper. The winner will be announced on 30th June.

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