30 Days Wild: Days 9-12

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Days 10-12 of 30 Days Wild have been so busy with random acts of wildness that I’ve been too busy to post. I’ve had so much going on that I’ve had to look through my photos to check exactly what I’ve been up to. This has included:

Nature Crafting

2016-06-15 01.38.24

Making a 3D collage using flowers and grasses that I’d collected and pressed on a nature walk earlier in the month.

2016-06-15 01.38.53

Making a giant flower by upcycling a broken lamp

Making micro-gardens: one fairy, one dinosaur, one sunbather

Celebrate the Canal

Fed the ducks

Took pictures of the local wildlife

Contacted the Canal and Rivers Trust to find out about volunteering opportunities

Go to a Green Event

2016-06-13 00.30.26.jpg

2016-06-15 01.46.09

Went to a local open garden and secret crafting event and met lots of lovely experts in sustainability. (I’ll be blogging more about this on a future date as there’s too much to include about how wonderful it was for it to fit in this post)

Saw (and fell in love with) nature (and heritage) themed jewellery

Talked about getting involved in a community garden

Got information on foraging in the area

Discovered there’s a local apple press which is hired out to community events at a very reasonable price

I’m going to be meeting up with many of the people I met, including the founder of the brilliant Crop Club, which provides growing kits for kids (from a PhD in permaculture, no less)

Find Out About Wild Volunteering Opportunities

Through Twitter, I’ve connected with the Woodland Trust, the Canal and Rivers Trust and local groups to find out about the volunteering opportunities available. I’m particularly interested in opportunities for people with disabilities, as I have scoliosis (an S-shaped spine) which limits the activities I can do – and also think nature should be accessible for everyone. I now have a lot to read through.

The hardest thing is going to be deciding which ones I can’t do as there are only so many hours in the day (though going wild certainly helps you suck the sap out of life and make the most of those hours)

Taken a Closer Look

I’ve got really into close up pictures of nature, and have now taken pictures of wild flowers, herbs, a snail and a bug. Digital detox is coming soon as I seem to have my camera in my hand near permanently, because there’s so much beauty. This week, I’ve found it in:

The moss in the cracks in a wall
The flowers in the grass that are invisible when standing
Wild-flowers galore
The herbs I’m growing
A snail

30 Days Wild is rapidly taking over my life, which is no bad thing as nature gives me so much joy – and luckily, I’m freelance, so I can enjoy nature while I work: talk about dream job.

Here’s my list so far, in case you need any inspiration for 30 Days Wild. It’s not too late to sign up.

  1. Find a bird family.

  2. Collect feathers.

  3. Explore urban wildlife.

  4. Do some nature themed crafting

  5. Introduce a friend to #30DaysWild

  6. Go on a nature walk

  7. Take a closer look at the garden

  8. Learn more about a plant

  9. Turn the office green

  10. Feed the ducks

  11. Make a natural collage

  12. Craft a flower

  13. Make micro-gardens.

  14. Find out about nature volunteering.

  15. Visit an open garden.

  16. Get involved with a community garden project.

I may have been a little late posting this, but I’m rather getting ahead of myself with wilding. However, it’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel as if I’m completing tasks, but instead appreciating the world through new eyes.

The Wildlife Trusts did well to devise 30DaysWild – it’s turned me from a nature lover into a nature addict in very little time. From the look of Twitter, I’m far from the only one.

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