30 Ideas for 30 Days Wild

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This June, the Wildlife Trusts are inviting people to spend #30dayswild by getting outdoors and engaging with nature every day.

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I first took part in #30DaysWild last year and found it really helped me relax, provided lots of inspiration, and created many magical moments, with friends and alone.

From spotting a double rainbow to eating a flower-filled meal, making a natural garland to getting to know the ducks along the canal – and the flowers that grow along the banks – it opened my eyes to how much is available for free – and how much fun getting outside can be.

There’s still time to sign up for 30 Days Wild. If you’re short on ideas,  here are some to start you off…

  1. Take a close up photo of a flower.
  2. Watch water.
  3. Go foraging.
  4. Feed the birds (but not with bread).
  5. Plant a garden full of flowers, fruit and vegetables that pollinators love.
  6. Learn about nature reserves near you.
  7. Find and identify a butterfly.
  8. Create a mini pond.
  9. Take a plant to work.
  10. Record birdsong and set it as your mobile phone tone.
  11. Press flowers (not rare ones!)
  12. Sow your own wildflower meadow in a box.
  13. Identify a tree near you (and hug it if you feel the urge.)
  14. Watch the sun rise.
  15. Watch the sun set.
  16. Go bat watching.
  17. Take part in a citizen science project.
  18. Make a leaf rubbing.
  19. Keep a cloud diary.
  20. Investigate aromatherapy oils and try to create the smell of a forest.
  21. Research nature-inspired artists and share your favourites (I love William Morris and May Morris).
  22. Create a seasonal meal using locally grown ingredients (bonus points for growing them yourself).
  23. Write a diary entry or blog post about an experience in nature.
  24. Research historic uses for the flowers, trees and herbs that grow near you.
  25. Craft a fairy garden using entirely natural finds, then hide it in a wood nearby for the fairies to find…
  26. Make a wild grass and wildflower bouquet and give it to someone you like (again, no rare flowers!)
  27. Visit your nearest community garden.
  28. Take a close up photo of a bug.
  29. Make a compost heap.
  30. Find out about nature volunteering opportunities near you.

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