30 Days Wild: Days 19-21

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By day 19, #30DaysWild had started to take over my life. In addition to consultancy by day to pay the bills, and crafting utopia for Latitude Festival, my days were now filled with walks outdoors, and taking photographs galore for both 30 Days Wild and artistic stimulation. My life was filled with utopia and nature – and I loved it.

30 Days Wild: Day 19

Even my diary doodles had become wild by day 19. (I was devoid of computer for a while and wanted to note what I’d been doing to keep up with it all. And then I started playing with scissors*).


I also messed around with the photos using my phone photo editor as I was feeling in an arty mood and wanted to see how the picture could change. I will be playing some more. It’s fun.


On day 20, my work life balance tilted towards work. However, I still found time to take a closer look at the flowers and plants nearby.

It’s so inspiring for my crafting, showing me the way that plants and flowers are shaped. Their simple complexity astounds me and I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before.

Luckily, I can let the inspiration pour out into utopia to create the Garden of Love. I love that play is work.

Inspiration from William Morris

I also love that I have the perfect excuse to browse William Morris‘s work online. I feel more drawn to the arts and crafts movement every day. It’s not just the beauty of the art but also Morris’s many wise words.

Much as he believes in the value of labour, fairly rewarded, I’ve long believed in making your own products to have beauty without spending money, dream of utopia and the further I fall into 30 Days Wild, the more I realise that nature is abundant – and free. Utopia is all around us – if we look closely enough…

My crafting is becoming filled with twigs and feathers, dried flowers and recycled packaging, making me feel happy and satisfied through creating something as well as connecting to nature.

I am making a portable garden out of things that are free or would otherwise end up in landfill. And I’m pleased with the way it’s shaping up…

30 Days Wild: Day 21

In day 21, I listened to bird song and recorded it. My phone has subsequently died so I can’t post it here but there will be more birdsong tomorrow. That makes me happy.

30 Days Wild: The Story So Far…

  1. Find a bird family.
  2. Collect feathers.
  3. Explore urban wildlife.
  4. Do some nature themed crafting.
  5. Introduce a friend to #30DaysWild.
  6. Go on a nature walk.
  7. Take a closer look at the garden.
  8. Learn more about a plant.
  9. Turn the office green.
  10. Feed the ducks.
  11. Make a natural collage.
  12. Craft a flower.
  13. Make micro-gardens.
  14. Find out about nature volunteering.
  15. Visit an open garden.
  16. Get involved with a community garden project.
  17. Admire nature-inspired art.
  18. Write a poem.
  19. Get grounded.
  20. Encourage a friend to do gardening.
  21. Create (OK, find) flower peg dolls.
  22. Tend plants.
  23. Eat foraged food.
  24. Take a closer look at the beach.
  25. Stargaze.
  26. Admire the moon.
  27. Promote a marine life charity.
  28. Bring the outdoors indoors.
  29. Talk about growth.
  30. Add nature to my art.
  31. Study nature art and research William Morris.
  32. Recycle.
  33. Listen to birdsong.

What next? I was particularly excited – and busy – because I was only 2 days away from my first holiday in years, visiting the Isle of Wight to hunt for fossils and fairyland. It was nearly time to go wild by the seaside…

*Health and safety notice. Do not play with scissors.


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