365 Days Wild: A New Beginning

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I am not documenting my wild adventures in the same way that I did during 30 Days Wild. Lovely as it is to have memories in story form, it takes time to write detailed posts and I have a host of reviews, competitions, crafting guides and recipes I want to write for GrowEatGift.

I also need to write about Jurrassic Jim, and then there’s the Garden of Love installation I’m putting together at Latitude Festival. In short, I have too much going on to write about every wildflower (though I’m still taking time to admire them).

I got the photography bug during 30 Days Wild. I’ve spent hours picture editing and art directing over the years but I’ve never been a photographer. Now, I have to fight the desire to document every moment (because, ‘Life is for living so live it or you’re better off dead.’ as Passenger so wisely sang.)

So here’s a summary of July so far in pictoral form. 365 Days Wild is starting well…

I’ll be posting about exciting developments with The Crop Club soon too.

In the meantime, if you feel like celebrating nature, spread the word about #rainbowblooms this Sunday 11-6pm (BST)  Post pictures of flowers in every colour of the rainbow, in order, one colour per hour and use #rainbowblooms so we can all share our floral pictures. Let’s turn Twitter into a rainbow of flowers.



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