Time for a Wild Night Out?

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If you took part in 30 Days Wild, there’s every chance you may be missing it (unless you’ve gone #365DaysWild, like I have). But never fear (a good general life guide), the RSPB has come to the rescue with the Big Wild Sleepout from 29-31 July.

The RSPB is offering free packs to help with your wild night out. There are loads of great ideas for things to do in the ‘passport’ they sent out, along with excellent stickers and bunting that apparently glows in the dark.


I haven’t decided where to go yet, but bat-spotting appeals, as does wild camping. I’ll be investigating  more once I’m back from Latitude Festival, which I’ll be writing about soon. In the meantime, here are a few teaser shots of the Garden of Love I’ve been creating from recycled materials and glitter. There are still tickets to Latitude available, so if the idea of creating utopia (& going to arguably the best arts festival in the UK) appeals, get yours now.


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