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It’s taken a little while to post this as I’ve been busy unpacking utopia (& hoovering up glitter). However, people made lots of fab art in the Garden of Love at Latitude Festival and we had a wonderful time working with the @HomeLiveArt team.

It was a joy working with two of my favourite artists. @Leilartlove spent many hours making decor, to help me grow the Garden of Love. When she asked if I’d like her to make a sign, I envisaged A3 calligraphy, maybe with a touch of illuminated manuscript. I got this.

I love working with her. She’s been involved in the Forest of Thoughts since its early days and is always a creative joy to work (well, play) with.

Joining the team for the first time was @@HannahSilversmi. She’s a fabulously talented silversmith who writes wonderful stories to go with her (largely nature and science inspired) jewellery.

She’s also a dab hand at crafting (we thought blow-torches and hammers a tad risky to bring to a festival).

It’s impossible to capture the full magic of Latitude but here are some of the pictures.


Utopia took so many forms for so many people. I was particularly happy when we were given the seal of approval from a lovely pair of smiley people.


Utopia was a dinosaur for another lovely person who radiated good vibes. I am very grateful we were allowed to keep it. The dinosaur is settling in nicely.

Was utopia created? Well, it was for me. Thanks to HomeLiveArt for helping make out dreams come true.


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