Spread Joy With Rainbow Blooms

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Do you like flowers, rainbows or both? Join #rainbowblooms on Twitter on Sundays 11am-6pm BST to share and enjoy some rainbow love.

The idea is simple:

  • Share pictures of flowers the colour of the rainbow, one colour per hour 11am-6pm BST, in rainbow order (remember the acronym ‘Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain’?)
  • Share rainbow pictures all day on the same tag.
  • Retweet and ‘like’ #rainbowblooms images that you like the look of.
  • Help create a floral rainbow across Twitter.

Join Sunshine on Leaf, Glittery Chick, and an ever-growing crowd of nature-lovers in celebrating the beauty of flowers and rainbows.

#Rainbowblooms kicks off at 11am with #red flowers.

At 12, it moves to #orange #rainbowblooms.

At 1pm, it moves on to #yellow #rainbowblooms.

2pm is the turn of #green #rainbowblooms.

At 3pm, it’s time for the (often trickiest) #blue #rainbowblooms.

At 4pm, share your #indigo #rainbowblooms.

And at 5pm, #rainbowblooms ends with #violet flower images.

Last week, people ended up posting flower images that wouldn’t fit within the #rainbowblooms colours at the end of the day,and #rainbowmisfits was suggested as a tag to add to the end of #rainbowblooms, after 6pm.

So if you like pictures of flowers and rainbows, get involved with #rainbowblooms. You can schedule posts if you have Sunday plans, and images don’t have to be photographs: multimedia art of all kinds can be shared on #rainbowblooms (including illustrations, crafting, VR, digital art, upcycling , science art and beyond).

Take part in #rainbowblooms and you’ll be rewarded with a bunch of flowers and rainbows in your Twitter timeline. It’s a fun way to brighten up Sunday and share your pictures: join in this week to see for yourself.



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