A Good Weekend in Nature

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This weekend sees the launch of A Good Weekend – an initiative encouraging people to spend time doing rather than buying.

They’vs gathered together offers and opportunities galore to help you live life to the full – along with some great competitions.

They explain on their site:

.”Between March 17-20th we celebrate International Day Of Happiness by bringing together the most comprehensive listings – ever – of things to do, rather than things to buy!

Through the site, and our partners, you can share time doing something great outdoors, laugh at a comedy show, experience a concert, make art, stretch your mind or book a visit or a break… It’s all on A Good Weekend.

There are thousands of activities! Many FREE and many with great discount offers or money can’t buy competition prizes.

It’s super simple to get involved – just check out the activities, invite some friends and book your perfect idea of A Good Weekend. Do More, Spend Less. Enjoy #AGoodWeekend.”

Grow with a Good Weekend

Obviously, the Groweatgift way to celebrate A Good Weekend involves nature. Here are a few of the things I’ll be doing.

  • Taking flower photographs for #Rainbowblooms and #wildflowerhour tomorrow.
  • Crafting flowers out of the contents of the recycling box.
  • Taking cuttings from a friend’s plants so I can add to my indoor garden.

Other things you could try include:

  • Going for a walk in the woods (with foraging thrown in as an added bonus).
  • Planning or planting an indoor or outdoor garden or making a miniature garden.
  • Making marmalade or cooking comfort food.
  • Going on a canal walk (litter picking and feeding the birds as you go).
  • Taking a friend to your favourite nature spot.
  • Looking at pebbles on the beach.
  • Looking for fossils.
  • Watching waves.
  • Playing Pooh Sticks.
  • Going on a cycle ride.
  • Crafting using natural finds, from leaf rubbing to pine cone hedgehogs (just add eyes and a nose to the pine cone), decorative bunches of feathers to entire miniature tableau, there’s a lot that can be done with nature, a recycling box and a glue gun. ..

2016-06-16 11.25.00.jpg

I love the idea of A Good Weekend. Get involved and live rather than just existing this weekend.

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