Up and Down

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I’ve spent a lot of time looking down since I started 30 Days Wild back in June. I discovered that I frequently zone out when I encounter flowers and start taking photos.

I find that the more closely I look, the lovelier flowers are. It is easy for me to lose track of time when I encounter a particularly interesting stamen (I never realised they were so complex until I started taking a closer look at nature).

A walk to the shops takes so much longer now that I’m looking for wildflowers, both for fun and for #wildflowerhour (Sunday 8pm), which is well worth checking out.

And then there’s #rainbowblooms (see my earlier post – and these flower pics I took for it).







But recently, I’ve found myself looking up more.



There is free art everywhere, whether you look up or down.

Or maybe somewhere in between…



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