Review: Dinosaur Isle

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Based in the fossil-hunter’s paradise of the Isle of Wight, I’d remembered Dinosaur Isle fondly as a room above a library, full of interesting things, that I visited on a childhood school trip.

I hadn’t been for 30 years. It is still full of interesting things but it is rather more impressive nowadays. It’s got all the signs and information you might expect.

However, you can also examine fossils under a microscope.


You can hold fossils of different types.


You can admire fossils galore- and even play with an animatronic dinosaur (but I only got a video, not pictures, and I can’t post it here).


Dinosaur Isle filled an afternoon easily,and could fill a day if you are particularly devoted to fossils (or team it with a trip to the pond outside, featuring a wondeful variety of more recent dinosaurs).

Dinosaur Isle even has the earliest discovered inverted commas* on display.


A wonderful way to spend time, at a reasonable price. If you like dinosaurs, you’ll love Dinosaur Isle.

* I did not read the sign. This may not be accurate.

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