Beautiful Bugs

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I’ve never really appreciated bugs. However, since 30 Days Wild introduced me to the joys of nature photography, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation of the beauty of insects of all kinds.

It started when I caught this bee on camera. Bees (particularly bumble bees) are the teddy bears of the insect world. Even people who squeal at bugs tend to have a fondness for bees, what with all the pollination and honey. And I thought this pollen-covered bee was particularly cute.


This led to more bee pictures.

Then I had an encounter with a ladybird (another bug for people who dislike bugs, which shows the power of a spotty coat.)


It turns out that ladybird in sunshine are hard to photograph but after many blurry attempts, I got these.

Next, came the caterpillar, so wonderfully camouflaged that I nearly missed it (with some bonus bugs thrown in.)


By now, my bug appreciation had taken me from brushing flying bugs away to trying to spot them. The angles of this cranefly are wonderful.


And then I discovered this beauty. I have no idea what it is but it looks like it’s a pollinator, has astounding dress sense and there’s no reason it should be any less loved than a bee (honey production aside.)

So rather than brushing bugs away, take a closer look. You’d be surprised by how much beauty you’ll find if you forget about being scared or disgusted and think about the many wonderful things bugs do, from pollination to eating putrefying things that could otherwise cause us harm – or just look at how lovely they are.


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