Fire in the Darkness

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Taking photos for #rainbowblooms has made me more aware of the seasonal changes in colour.  While I’ve obviously always noticed autumn leaves, now I can see more nuanced changes in hue.

The multi-coloured delights of summer are moving towards a darker palate, as blooms die and fruit ripens. There are fewer flowers to choose from, but those that remain are all the more striking. I’ve noticed an increase in fire-coloured flowers as the weather gets colder.

Dandelions start to shine, as they keep blooming where less hardy flowers have already died back.

And then there are the reds and purples of ripening produce (and the occasional flower).

And for me, there’s a particular magic to Autumn sunsets, particularly if there’s the smell of woodsmoke in the air.


Of course, we’re still a long way from winter and there’s every chance there will be more sunny days soon. But the colours of Autumn seem to be ushering in the darker months, with mellow fruitfulness and a touch of fire. Perhaps it’s nature’s way of preparing us for the months to come?


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