Gardening in confined spaces #1: Egglings

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No matter how small your growing space, these gorgeous egglings will fit, what with being the size of an egg (albeit a duck or possibly goose egg rather than a hen’s egg).

The concept is simple. Tap the egg gently to crack the top open and reveal the soil within. Place the eggling on its teracotta tray. Water it until the water starts to leak out the bottom and place in a sunny spot. There are extra seeds provided in case the ones inside the egg don’t germinate, although the sunflower eggling I tried germinated with no problems. Watch it grow, transplanting when it outgrows the egg, then scatter the broken eggling into the soil to act as fertiliser.

Available in sunflower, petunia, basil, lavender, spicy red pepper and wild strawberry varieties, and priced at £6.29 each, this is a cute and stylish gift – not to mention a great way to get kids enthused about gardening.

If I only had a windowsill to play with (and £60 or so burning a hole in my pocket), I’d be tempted to buy two of each variety and create an eggling garden using an egg holder.

Who says you need a huge amount of space to get growing?

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