Memories of Kindness

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Looking through old boxes can bring memories to the fore. I recently spent an afternoon helping my mum sort through some long-forgotten trunks, and was rewarded with a glimpse back in time.

Finding the above nature-inspired cushion cover rushed me back to my childhood classroom, and a lesson spent learning cross stitch when I was about 7. After spending all sewing lesson stitching a border, I felt proud of my efforts, as sewing was not my natural forte. And then I stood up, to discover my work was sewed to my skirt.

I still remember feeling crushed as I had to unpick every stitch to free my skirt. However, if you look closely,  you’ll see the border on the right is rather neater than the rest. That night, my lovely teacher took my embroidery home with her and restitched the border for me.

While I’m generally a fan of travelling light, I am glad that I have a physical reminder of her kindness. It made me smile as much as it did decades ago. While my embroidery skills may not have progressed much, the lesson my teacher gave me lives on: small moments of kindness can bring joy, even many years later.

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