Celebrate Spring by Getting Outdoors

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More and more research is showing there are multiple advantages in spending time in nature. From reducing stress and obesity to improving mood and stimulating creativity, getting outside is good for you. Apparently, even looking at photographs of green scenes and natural beauty can be beneficial.

However, actually getting outside is so much better for your body and mind – particularly when the sun is shining.


Spring is the ideal time to make a habit of engaging with nature. Here are three fun ways to do it.

Look for Spring Flowers

Daffodils, snowdrops, croci,  narcissi, bluebells and more are starting to emerge. Can you spot them all? Better yet, add a citizen science edge by reporting on what you find.

Start Gardening

Growing your own fruit and veg gets you outdoors, is great exercise, and saves money and resources.

You can grow lots of things in tubs, from strawberries to herbs to carrots and radishes, if you don’t have outdoor space. The Crop Club sell great eco-friendly starter kits should you need some help getting started. Growing flowers to attract pollinators is also useful – and beautiful.

Feed the Birds

With duckling season imminent, the ducks are hungry – as are the other birds. So feed them. They’re fascinating to watch. And you’ll be first to see this year’s new life.

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