A Taste of Science

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Yesterday, I was lucky enough to go to the Taste of Science at Leicester Space Centre. This food science celebration included talks from scientists, stalls from local food producers and burgers available from a vintage van outside the venue (I went for Halloumi Heaven, with delicious mushrooms, peppers and onions accompanying the grilled halloumi; my partner for Brie and Bacon with cranberry sauce).

Once inside, the stalls at the event seemed designed to create the perfect breakfast: bread and jam; tea and coffee; hand-churned butter; and many other treats. Our purchases included locally ground coffee, freshly baked bread, raw butter and fresh free range eggs, which made for a vibrant-yolked treat today.

We enjoyed a talk about taste which helped identify super-tasters through an interactive experiment, and also explained the wonders of miracle berries. The presenter was clear and witty, making time fly by.

A Taste of Science was a great chance to learn about food and try something new (though we sadly missed the space food tastings). I only hope they decide to run more similar events in the future.

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