Bring Nature to Work

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My office is full of plants. I find it relaxing to be surrounded by greenery and love seeing them grow as the year unfolds. Here are some ways to bring the outdoors indoors at work, and make your office greener.

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  1. Have flowers on your desk. The flash of colour brightens my mood. At this time of year, spring bulb clusters can be particularly uplifting.
  2. Put plants in front of a mirror to make your office feel even greener by reflecting them. (It’s handy having a mirror on your desk to check your appearance before meetings too.)
  3. Have plantable business cards to grow your influence – and help wildlife.
  4. Order eco-friendly promo items: no one needs yet another plastic pen. The Crop Club has some excellent green gifts, with corporate packages available.
  5. Grow your own lunch. Sprouting seeds, salad and herbs can all add freshness to your food – and some can make the office smell lovely too. Rosemary is thought to boost concentration and focus, and is a pretty plant when it flowers.

2017-03-02 20.43.32.jpg


  1. Glad to hear it’s not just me that finds plants brighten the workplace. Keep on growing 🙂 I’d love it if every office kitchen had a salad-growing bar with lettuce, tomatoes and herbs (better yet if there were communal cooking facilities too – you can learn so much from cooking with other people).

  2. My colleagues thought I was made to bring plants in but we have a little splash of green in the midst of our open plan office, I love having plants around me.

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