Folklore Thursday: Daffodil Delights

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I have already shared my love of daffodils and narcissi but they are worthy of revisiting as they bring me (and many others) so much joy – and have been given so much significance over the years. They’re also one of the more affordable ways to bring a splash of nature indoors.

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Seeing daffodils has long been thought to bring luck – and some believe that taking care not to trample them will bring abundance (others would say it’s just being respectful to the world around you!)

2017-03-06 13.19.01

However, never give or take a single daffodil from someone as that’s thought to be bad luck. I’d always go for a bowl of living bulbs anyway- why  have a dying, lonely flower when you can choose something that grows every day, if you tend it?


Welsh tradition considers the person who sees the first daffodils of the year to be blessed, and expect abundance. I think this a nice metaphor for keeping your eyes open to new opportunities.

2017-03-06 21.57.35.jpg

Of course, self love also comes into things with narcissi – but is it really any wonder Narcissus was so vain?

2017-03-06 21.58.24.jpg

Relish spring and let flowers lighten every morning by buying a bowl of bulbs,  if you have £1-2 to spare. They always brighten my morning.

2017-03-07 21.24.20

If you like folklore and myth, check out #FolkloreThursday on Twitter each week: a great place to discover new stories.





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