Get Ready for a Good Weekend

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It’s all too easy to spend your life in front of the TV, consuming rather than creating; spending money rather than time with those we love; and missing out on the outdoors.

2017-03-03 01.35.41.jpg

A Good Weekend was created to help people live life to the full, with discounted and free events and activities to enjoy, and was designed with the objective of spreading happiness.

2017-03-06 13.20.31.jpg

They explain on their website, “Between March 17-20th we celebrate International Day Of Happiness by bringing together the most comprehensive listings – ever – of things to do, rather than things to buy! Through the site, and our partners, you can share time doing something great outdoors, laugh at a comedy show, experience a concert, make art, stretch your mind or book a visit or a break… It’s all on A Good Weekend.”

2016-11-27 12.04.02.jpg

If you run a company that helps people spend time living rather than just existing, you can spread the word (and special offers) through the site too: a great chance for wildlife and environmental charities to promote their events and activities.

Sign up for the newsetter for A Good Weekend,  or check out the latest deals on their website if you like the idea of joining in, and maybe trying something new.

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