5 Ways to Cut Food Waste

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Food waste is a subject that can sound worthy but in reality, making the most of what you have just makes sense. You can save time and money by using everything you buy carefully to make the most of it. Try one of these ideas.

Make Stock

Veg peelings can go into stock (though go light on onion skins: a few add a gorgeous depth to the colour but too many can render stock bitter.)

Meat bones and chicken carcases can also be turned into stock: save them in the freezer, make stock in bulk and reduce it down to store as ice cubes if you can. If you don’t have a freezer, stock will last a few days in the fridge: strain well to make it last as long as possible.

Make Jam or Marmalade


Jams and jellies can use up leftover peel and fruit that is past its best. Wash peel thoroughly and chop finely. Instead of going into landfill, your peel can make toast tastier.

2017-01-08 13.56.44.jpg

Make Pickles

Similarly, many savoury leftovers can be used in pickles. Onion ends and wilting herb bunches, cabbage cores, wrinkly tomatoes and even leftover homemade tomato sauce can be transformed with vinegar and spices, and used to perk up meals for months.

Make Pot Pourri

Coffee grounds and fruit peel can also be used to make your home smell lovely. Dry them in the oven then add to pine cones and dried flowers – or add to lavender in bags, to make your clothes smell great.

Make Compost

Any fruit and veg scraps that are beyond being edible can go into your compost, along with egg shells and coffee grounds, (non plastic coated) paper and card, and a host of other things. Then you can use it to grow food in a pleasurably circular way.


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