Spring Foraging

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This time of year is great for foraging. Keep an eye out for these to add free freshness to your food. Do make sure you pick them from places they won’t have been sprayed (by chemicals or dogs…)


2017-04-01 15.42.02.jpgUse the young leaves in salad, before the dandelion has flowered. The flowers can be used to make wine, and roots for dandelion and burdock.


2017-04-01 15.24.38.jpg

Use the young tips of leaves to make a tasty soup, bursting with iron. Wear gloves to avoid getting stung. Add wild garlic if you can find that too.

Dead Nettle

2017-04-01 15.42.33.jpg

As with nettles, use the young tips in soups or stir fries. Alternatively, blitz with parmesan (or similar), pine nuts, wild garlic and olive oil for a tasty pesto.

There’s lots more out there to be foraged too. Save money on your shopping and add vitamins to your diet by eating your weeds.

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