Celebrate Spring

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Easter has long been a time of feasting and celebration. There are associated rituals galore, from egg decoration and rolling to whipping young women with bundles of sticks, and dousing them in water. While the latter sounds rather unappealing, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this weekend that involve more fun (and less cold water).

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Try spring crafting, whether making your own dye and decorating eggs, or turning egg boxes, disposable coffee cups or toilet rolls into daffodils.

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Go duckling spotting along the canal (or other stretch of water near you). They’re fearless when they’re tiny so you can get close to them. Don’t touch them though, no matter how tempting, or they may get rejected by their family. And don’t feed them bread – go for oats instead.

2017-04-12 04.16.49.jpg

Spring flowers are becoming more abundant by the day. Take pictures of flowers every colour of the rainbow and post them on the #rainbowblooms hashtag on Sundays from 11am.

Go on a natural treasure hunt. You can add a twist to an Easter egg hunt by placing eggs near specific flowers or trees and giving clues which help kids learn about nature with the aid of chocolate.

2017-04-01 17.07.22.jpg

Or go foraging. From primroses and nettle tips to wild garlic and dandelion, there are a lot of free treats available that could help save money.

Easter needn’t involve expensive days out. There are lambs in the fields, ducklings galore and life bursting through the soil and hedgerows. Get outside and celebrate spring.

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