How to Recycle Easter Egg Packaging

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If your Easter has been full of chocolate eggs, your bins may well be overflowing with packaging. However, rather than just putting it in the bin, consider reusing it.

If you have kids, turn Easter egg boxes into miniature theatres – cut the flaps off one end, use these to construct ‘scenery’, cut a hole in the middle of the egg box to create your stage and add curtains made from fabric scraps.

Use the remaining card to create characters attached to strips of card to make it easy for them to go on and off stage. You can add LED footlights and use sequins and ribbon scraps to make it look more glamorous.

Alternatively, use the foil and cardboard to make fish, or foil mosaics. Small foil scraps can be formed into balls and used to create glittering pictures.

2017-04-17 16.10.37.jpg

Crafting is a great way to minimise your waste – and raiding the recycling box can save you a fortune in supplies. Just add a glue gun (with adult supervision) or craft glue and perhaps a little biodegradable glitter, and you’ve got an easy way to fill an afternoon for free.

If you’re an eBay seller, plastic Easter egg packaging can be used to help protect small, fragile items.

Clear Easter egg packaging can also be turned into a propogator for seedlings, or used to make miniature gardens.

While it’s best to avoid over packaged items as far as you can, if you do have a glut of packaging, think about how you can reuse it before recycling it or throwing it away.


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