Spring Flavours

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As the days get lighter, I find myself drawn to lighter food. Try some of the following to balance the fresh produce of the season with the weather outside.

  • Dandelion, sorrel and baby spinach salad. Add goat’s cheese or mozarella,  and sprinkle with lemon juice, oil and finely chopped red chilli if you like a kick. Alternatively, fresh baby mint can be a delicious addition to salad.
  • Nettle and wild garlic soup. Perfect for a cool spring day, use young nettle leaves and only take the top 4-6 so they’re tender. If you can’t find wild garlic, fresh garlic will do.
  • Asparagus. Perfect with nothing more than melted butter, add lemon juice and finely chopped spring onions for a more piquant sauce. It’s delicious sprinkled with parmesan too – or go for the classic boiled egg and asparagus spears pairing.
  • Baby herb omelette. Use microgreens sprouted from your favourite herbs to make a simple but tasty snack. Wilted nettles and wild garlic can be added, along with grated or sliced potato and cheese if you want something a bit more filling.

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