Colours of the Season?

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The more I’ve looked at flowers, the more it seems that certain colours are more common at certain times of year. At the moment, there seem to be lots of white flowers around, along with bright yellow flowers becoming more abundant by the day.

I’m far from the first person to notice this. However, research (PDF link) suggests that while there is a link between the month and colour of flowers blooming, this is only the case when flowers are considered according to human colour categories, rather than by pollinator’s perception of colour (bees see colour differently to us).

Apparently, the seasonal colour trends we notice are likely to be as a result of similar flower families blooming at similar times, and being similar colours, rather than due to other factors (such as pollinators being attracted to different colours at different times of year.)

Have you noticed any trends in flower colours over the year? I’d love to know how much it varies according to location so please do share the colours of flowers that are particularly abundant near you in the comments.

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