Nature Adventures in Brighton

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Brighton is a great place for nature spotting. While it’s easy to be distracted by the abundant pleasures of Brighton Festival and Fringe at this time of year, offering everything from art open houses to cabaret and a lot more besides, it’s easy to lose yourself in nature if you want to. Should you find yourself visiting, here are a few nature adventures to enjoy.

Visit Pavilion Gardens

In the centre of town, Brighton Pavilion gets a lot of attention, and rightly so: it’s a beautiful building. However, the gardens are equally lovely and free to visit.

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Enjoy a picnic in the sunshine or spend an afternoon taking flower photos. Take change for the buskers too – you’re likely to find them providing a musical accompaniment, particularly in May.

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Head for the Sea

Though the beach is pebbles rather than sand, it’s a lovely place to sit and relax. Take a cushion for comfort and it’s easy to lose hours on the beach. There are quiet areas if you head away from the main tourist stretch, and a surprising amount of wildflowers to spot, along with seagulls or simply the sea and sky.

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Get to Know a Seagull

By far the quickest way to have a close encounter with a seagull is to buy some chips and walk along the seafront without guarding them closely. Many a tourist has lost their lunch to a seagull but once you get past the food thievery, seagulls can be fun to watch. The babies are brown and adorably clumsy on occasion. The older ones know they rule the city, but to me, the sound of seagull cries is a perfect seaside soundtrack.

Capture the Sunset

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The architecture in Brighton is beautiful, and the beach goes on for miles, giving plenty of places to view glorious sunsets. Twinkling fairy lights along the seafront add their own beauty once the sun goes down.

2017-05-11 01.57.40.jpg

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