30 Days Wild: Day One – A Magical Beginning

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I’m not planning to make a habit of posting more than once each day but as my previous post was about writing a book for 30 Days Wild, which I actually did before the month started, rather than doing anything wild, it seemed only right to share the wild experiences I had today.

2017-06-01 17.28.59.jpg

I had to see my physio, so my first ‘random act of wildness’ was to mention #30DaysWild to her, and ask if she could promote it at the hospital. She loved the idea, and promised she would investigate in her break, and ask if she could put a poster up.

2017-05-31 19.19.25.jpg

I also saw a poster for the Cloudy With a Chance of Pain research app, which tracks pain against the weather to help build a picture of the way weather affects people with chronic pain. When I checked the site, the study had closed but the research findings are coming soon. I find the weather affects my pain levels: if you have chronic pain (or even if you don’t), keeping a weather/pain diary throughout 30 Days Wild could be a useful way to understand more about the way your pain works – and maybe use that information to minimise it as best you can.

Feeling energised from my physio, I walked home along the canal. I admired the clouds.

I took photos of the wildflowers.

I took photos of urban  nature.

I saw a butterfly – and identified it when I got home as the Speckled Wood.

I discovered a fledgling in a blackberry Bush.

I fed a swan (I make a habit of always carrying bird food in case I encounter the local wildfowl).

I collected feathers – mostly swan feathers – for future nature crafting. And I saw a lot of elderflower which made me very happy. This elderflower was not fit for picking (I avoid any with brown spots – though the pollinators don’t seem to mind).


However, this elderflower left me daydreaming about champagne, cordial and sorbet. I will be back… (there was enough around that the pollinators – and other foragers  – shouldn’t mind sharing.)

It was a glorious day full of magical surprises: my first Speckled Wood butterfly; my first fledgeling sighting (though there have been many ducklings and the occasional moorhen chick); and beautiful blue skies and sunshine for the duration of my walk.

It would be safe to say that today’s mood was, ‘happy and relaxed.’

2017-06-01 17.27.18.jpg

Random Acts of Wildness So Far…

  1. Spread the word.
  2. Start a weather/pain diary.
  3. Look at the clouds.
  4. Photograph wildflowers.
  5. Look for urban nature.
  6. ID a butterfly.
  7. Find a fledgling.
  8. Feed a swan.
  9. Collect feathers.
  10. Stake out a foraging site.


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