30 Days Wild: Day Two – Go Wild at Work

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Today, I had to work but that didn’t stop me from going wild. I started by identifying the song of the blackbirds who were busy tweeting away at each other outside.

Meanwhile, I was busy tweeting inside, in between work tasks, trying to retweet as many #30DaysWild posts as I could to help spread the word and connect with more nature lovers on social media.

I saw too many people’s magical moments to list, but common themes seemed to be the wonder of elderflower, Speckled Wood butterfly sightings, bramble blossom galore and lots of people having lots of fun outdoors in creative ways.

Later in the day, I took a work break to plant a virtual seed as part of the Grow Wild campaign – you can plant yours here. Not only do you show your support for nature by joining in but you could also win a Forest Holiday worth £500.

Despite my wild acts (and the weather) I still felt the urge to go outdoors.

2017-06-02 21.03.14.jpg

First, I checked on my ‘garden’ – a collection of planters filled with salad, strawberries, herbs, tomatoes, peas and flowers for pollinators. They were looking fresh from the rain, and new life was emerging.

Next came photographing flowers in the rain: always a way for them to look even more beautiful.

Then, it was off to feed the ducks.

On my way back home, I ran into another local native: my neighbour’s cat, Charlie – and succeeded in distracting him from the ducklings

2017-06-02 20.17.30.jpg

I photographed the wildflowers along the canal bank as I made my way home.

I admired the reflection in the puddles and the canal.

2017-06-02 20.15.29.jpg

I made a point of looking closely in the grass as I knew there were tiny flowers and lovely mosses lurking.

2017-06-02 20.58.02.jpg

Though the weather was damp and my walk was short due to aching joints, I felt as if the rain had washed the work away – ready for a weekend going wild…

Random Acts of Wildness So Far…

  1. Spread the word.
  2. Start a weather/pain diary.
  3. Look at the clouds.
  4. Photograph wildflowers.
  5. Look for urban nature.
  6. ID a butterfly.
  7. Find a fledgling.
  8. Feed a swan.
  9. Collect feathers.
  10. Stake out a foraging site.
  11. ID birdsong.
  12. Tweet using the #30DaysWild hashtag.
  13. Plant a virtual seed.
  14. See new life growing.
  15. Feed the ducks.
  16. Protect an animal from a predator.
  17. Reflect on nature.
  18. Look closely at your lawn.

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