30 Ways to Enjoy #30DaysWild at Work

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desk.jpgYou might think that going wild is something for the weekend but there’s still plenty you can do if you’re stuck in an office. Connecting with nature is shown to reduce stress, increase creativity and productivity, and generally lead to a happier and healthier life (potentially reducing sick days too) so don’t see it as ‘skiving’ but ‘necessary self-care’.

If your boss needs convincing, I’ve written about some of the research in my book (available to download for free until 5th June, so download it today – it has a full chapter on going wild at work).

However, here are just a few ways you can connect with nature when you’re at work. And you can always do more when you get home – from bat-watching to star-gazing, there’s a lot you can do at night (but I’ll cover that in a future post.)

  1. Pay attention to nature on your commute.
  2. Read a nature book if you travel in by public transport.
  3. Listen to a nature audio book if you travel in by car.
  4. Pick up litter on your way to work.
  5. Put a plant on your desk (rosemary smells nice and is thought to be good for concentration,)
  6. Plant a virtual seed.
  7. Plant a real tree.
  8. Sign a nature petition.
  9. Sign up to support a nature charity.
  10. Watch a wild webcam.
  11. Take cloud-breaks: it’s good for your eyes and your stress levels. Look out a window and let yourself daydream.
  12. Watch an insect at work.
  13. Keep a weather diary and track your productivity against the weather. Tailor your workflow accordingly, if you can.
  14. Build nature breaks into your working day.
  15. Look for wildflowers near your workplace.
  16. Tell a colleague about 30 Days Wild.
  17. Eat lunch outdoors.
  18. Read nature research in your break.
  19. ID a wildflower or wildlife from a photo on your phone.
  20. Learn bird song (headphones required – unless your colleagues want to learn too).
  21. Share #30DaysWild links on LinkedIn
  22. Get your colleagues to join you on an al fresco lunch.
  23. Use an eco-friendly search engine.
  24. Order eco-friendly office supplies.
  25. Involve nature in your CSR activities.
  26. Volunteer for a nature charity as an individual or company.
  27. Order plantable business cards.
  28. If you’re the boss, minimise travel and consider other agile working methods to reduce your company’s carbon footprint (eg, allowing employees to work from home).
  29. Sponsor a community nature event.
  30. Create a company garden or windowbox.


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