30 Days Wild: Day Four – Go Too Wild…

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OK,  I admit it. 30 Days Wild has got me hooked and this weekend saw me go a little too wild. I retweeted too many people who are taking part in #30DaysWild – because there are so many wonderful posts – and Twitter threw me in jail. This meant I only got half way through #rainbowblooms and couldn’t share all the pictures I’d taken for this week. So here they are…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Painsomnia meant I saw the dawn – a silver lining.

2017-06-04 05.24.03

I took the opportunity to walk in the dew (and take more photos of the flowers in the lawn.)

2017-06-04 05.18.50.jpg

I also downloaded the wonderful Calm app and tried their free seven day trial which started with a guided nature meditation with rippling water and bird song. I felt blissfully relaxed and my muscles were eased.

Later in the day, I went through the recycling bin to find bottles for elderflower champagne, and checked on my foraged spirits, which will soon be the basis of cocktails at a wild night in. I also found my jam jars, as I’m going foraging soon.

2017-06-04 17.59.16.jpg

I checked I had the ingredients I needed for elderflower champagne.

2017-06-04 17.43.25

Then, I invited my partner on a wild date. The original plan had been elderflower and litter picking (who says I don’t show my date a good time!) but the weather meant it turned into litter picking and wine, later in the day.

The bench I had been fretting about had clearly been cleared, which I was really grateful for. However, there was still some litter – and many bottle caps, (56, to be precise) mostly dug into the soil.

I removed them using a small pair of scissors I carry for such situations – and they are currently soaking in the kitchen ready to be turned into art once the mud washes off

2017-06-05 01.48.45.jpg

In an urge to discourage further littering, my partner and I made art together.

2017-06-04 22.07.59.jpg

It didn’t stand out enough so we decorated it with grasses and seeds.

2017-06-04 21.42.07.jpg

It was fun, but between litter picking and art, we were tired so we rewarded ourselves with a glass of wine.

2017-06-04 22.03.25.jpg

The sun put on a light show to say thank you.

We wandered home along the canal, saying a brief hello to the swans who were performing ‘Swan Canal’ (the free version of Swan Lake).

Though I ached from the walk and the long day, I finished day four of 30 Days Wild feeling calm and content.

Random Acts of Wildness So Far…

  1. Spread the word.
  2. Start a weather/pain diary.
  3. Look at the clouds.
  4. Photograph wildflowers.
  5. Look for urban nature.
  6. ID a butterfly.
  7. Find a fledgling.
  8. Feed a swan.
  9. Collect feathers.
  10. Stake out a foraging site.
  11. ID birdsong.
  12. Tweet using the #30DaysWild hashtag.
  13. Plant a virtual seed.
  14. See new life growing.
  15. Feed the ducks.
  16. Protect an animal from a predator.
  17. Reflect on nature.
  18. Look closely at your lawn.
  19. Make someone a nature hamper from recycled materials.
  20. Share nature photos using #30DaysWild on Instagram (and help the hashtag trend).
  21. Show your houseplants some love.
  22. Tell friends about #30DaysWild.
  23. Talk to a junior naturalist and encourage their creativity.
  24. Photograph a favourite cuddly toy in nature.
  25. Add a nature event to your diary.
  26. Look closely at a friend’s garden.
  27. Take photos for #Rainbowblooms.
  28. Find a plant that looks like a bug.
  29. Watch a bee.
  30. Read a nature-based research paper.
  31. Get overawed by nature
  32. Watch the dawn.
  33. Walk barefoot in dewy grass.
  34. Try a nature meditation.
  35. Raid and repurpose the recycling.
  36. Go on a wild date.
  37. Go litter picking.
  38. Protect the soil.
  39. Make nature art.
  40. Watch the sunset


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