Spread #LoveNotLitter This Summer

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In June, I took part in #30DaysWild– a wonderful initiative from the Wildlife Trusts that encourages more people to connect with nature by getting outside every day in June. On day four, my partner and I ended up litter picking along the canal, then nature crafting to leave a message to discourage people from littering.

Since then, my partner and I have got the litter picking bug. We’ve returned to the same spot several times, removing litter and adding love. The more litter there is, the more love we leave. Over time, it seems as if people are leaving less litter behind, though it’s far from a scientific study so far…

We spread the #LoveNotLitter message at Latitude Festival, handing out Magic Dust (in association with The Crop Club) containing wildflower seeds and biodegradable glitter (the faerie folk gave us their magic dust recipe) to encourage people to plant pollinator-friendly flowers, and crafting more love from natural finds.

Spreading #LoveNotLitter has become a habit – and a thoroughly enjoyable ‘date night’ – just add wine and sunset for extra magic.

However, there’s only so much that two people can grow the love. If you’re looking for a way to spend time outdoors, get some exercise, help wildlife and make the world around you a more beautiful place, join in with #LoveNotLitter.

Pick somewhere that’s got a litter problem. Litter pick. Craft love from natural finds around you (making sure not to leave anything people could trip over) then share the photo with me @GrowEatGift, using #LoveNotLitter.

If you want to take it a step further, get crafting with your natural finds – and throw some foraging into the mix to get rewarded by nature. These bottles were litter picked – and are now full of elderflower champagne, rose petal champagne and other lovely foraged drinks. I’ll be adding elderberry port, blackberry wine, rosehip syrup, hedgerow cough syrup and a lot more to this stash over the coming weeks – for little more than the price of some sugar.

2017-07-01 19.44.32

These bottles were also litter picked and have become bottle gardens, by adding water and woody herbs with the leaves stripped back/friendly houseplant cuttings. I love that you can see the roots – a great way to learn about plants.

With the summer holidays now upon us, litter picking and nature art is a great way to entertain the kids while doing some good (wear rubber gloves to prevent sticky surprises).  Spread #LoveNotLitter and see how good it makes you feel…


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