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This weekend got off to a great start for me when I discovered that I have been shortlisted in the #30DaysWild bloggers competition. I love 30DaysWild, so this makes me very happy indeed.


Better yet, I’m in great company.  I mentioned many of those shortlisted in my 30 Bloggers to follow for 30 Days Wild post (to those on the list that I didn’t include, sorry – I must have missed your posts as all the shortlisted blogs are fab).

The list in full is as follows:


Ben Porter

Craig Freeman

Thomas Smallwood

Zinzi Graham

Nicky Rowberry

Emily Goss



Katie Brinkworth

Morag Edward


Alex White

Dara McAnulty


Mya Bambrick

Regardless of who wins, I can’t help but daydream about the nature publication we could create together. The list spans experts in so many areas, and I’ve created enough magazines to recognise a great contributor list.


I’ll report back once the winners have been announced. I’d love to win but I’d strongly recommend reading all the shortlisted bloggers if you want an online nature fix.

2017-06-30 00.55.15

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