Growing the Love at Latitude

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The first few days of Latitude have been magical. I arrived on Wednesday night with my partner, and we set up camp with the Faraway Forest faerie folk. Obviously, they know the best place to camp – under an old chestnut tree full of secrets and magic. We added our own sparkle to camp.

2017-07-14 00.13.59.jpg

The days have been too fun filled to list. As a much abbreviated summary we’ve admired the beautiful wildflowers.

I spent a while trying to ID this before realising it was the rare ‘processed meat on wildflower’ moth.


We’ve met the local wildlife including blue dragonflies, musical crickets and burlesque bugs of every colour.

We’ve seen magic and marvels galore, particularly loving Vive Le Revolution: A show with puppetry, song, acrobatics, incredible musicians and an introduction involving the inspirational Fancy Chance hair-hanging from a tree while celebrating her natural glories…

We shared nature love in the Faraway Forest and grew the love, distributing magic dust galore. Thanks to The Crop Club, there will now be thousands more wildflowers growing next year.

We will be growing the love again tomorrow at 1.30pm. Hopefully, the love revolution will start to blossom – and we can spread #LoveNotLitter far and wide…



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