Go Wild in the Week

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Weekends are often the time that people are more inclined to connect with nature, from visiting a farm park to going for a walk after Sunday lunch. However, it’s easy to fit nature adventures into your week too. Try one of these.

Go Blackberrying

Blackberries are coming into season (a little earlier than usual) and with them, bargain puddings.

Near me, the canal banks are full of blackberries, as is the route to the community allotment. If you’re in the UK, the odds that there will be blackberries near you are pretty high.

Once you’ve picked them, the choice of what to do with them is a pleasurable one. Will you make pie or crumble? Fruit leather or blackberry gin? Blackberry and ginger cough syrup or blackberry and apple jam (the pectin in the apple makes it an easy set)?

If you pick blackberries regularly, you can make all these and more: a delicious way to get a nature fix. A few minutes blackberrying each day while they’re in season can lead to hours of tasty pleasure.

Feed the Birds

From ducks to sparrows, blackbirds to swans, there are plenty of hungry birds who need feeding.

Take oats or bird seed, never bread as that can harm the birds despite their appetite for it (birds can opt for junk food just like humans but that doesn’t mean they should).

Go on a Minibeast Safari

There are all manner of wonderful bugs to admire, if only you take a closer look. There are so many stunning wings to admire, colour schemes to feel inspired by and minibeasts to meet that it’s worth spending ten minutes outside with your camera. Keep a steady hand so you can zoom in close and admire all the detail.

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