How to Make a Miniature Garden

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If you love gardening but are limited in what you can do (or don’t like the cold), a miniature garden is a great way to satisfy your green fingers.

2016-06-11 21.35.41.jpg

Miniature gardens are also a great way for kids to get into gardening, and can be tailored to suit the child’s interests.

Add fossils or plastic dinosaurs and succulents for a dinosaur garden; miniature houses and toadstools for a fairy garden; or a sunbathing showgirl for the older miniature garden maker.


2016-06-15 01.39.29.jpg

To make, first pick a container. Raid the recycling box.  Meat trays, toiletries packaging and seedling trays all work well (the miniature garden at the top of the page is made in plant plug packaging from Wilko). Choosing something with a lid will help minimise watering as you can create a terrarium effect.

Add soil. I mix it with water-retaining gel and fertiliser to give the plants their best chance of thriving.


Next, add plants.

Now, decorate as desired. I use beads, pebbles and twigs collected on walks, ‘found’ plastic toys and anything else that sparks my imagination.



Miniature gardens are a fun way to use things you’d otherwise discard. Just water regularly and you can enjoy your own garden of delights without having to pick up a spade.



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