Harvest Celebration

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I’ve long been a fan of Fruit Routes at Loughborough University. The initiative encourages Loughborough residents and students to forage for food on campus, on a specially designed route full of fruit and nut trees and more.


This weekend saw Fruit Routes celebrating harvest with a community event. Groups including Transition Loughborough, Fearon Hall and Loughborough Sustainability came together to share pumpkin soup, freshly squeezed apple juice and foraged produce.

An apple-centric Bake Off had many impressive entries. I was particularly drawn to this autumn leaves decorated pie.


Sharing produce in a communal harvest celebration is a long-held tradition, and it felt good to celebrate the passing of the seasons – and donate apples I’d picked to be pressed.

If you live near Loughborough, check out Fruit Routes, and forage some food for free. Better yet, share what you find with others too.



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