Brighter Days

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As the days lighten, the first flowers start to emerge.


The snowdrops have been joined by the first crocus blooms, if not quite open yet.

Seeing snowdrops reminds me of a lovely friend who sadly died last year. As I walked into his funeral, I saw the first snowdrop of last year pushing through the soil. I always think of him when I see a snowdrop now.

I’m not the only one who misses him. A good friend of his has set up a fundraiser for defibrillators, to help others avoid his fate; and his business partner is donating a percentage of profits from a special blend of coffee in his name.

Seeing the kindnesses flow from the loss of my friend echoes the hope of the snowdrop pushing through the soil. I miss my friend but it’s good to see his name live on through kind gestures.

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