30 Days Wild: Plant a Seed

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For day three of 30 Days Wild, I planted the wildflower seed paper they sent out in an outdoor container for pollinators.


I’m intrigued to see how it grows.


If you have any outdoor space, container gardening can help wildlife and cut food costs. I have lettuce, rocket, tomatoes and strawberries growing in containers at present, and will be adding pea shoots and spring onions. Freshly cut salad is full of flavour – and helps reduce waste.

I let wildflowers self-seed in the containers too. It does mean picking leaves carefully to avoid anything inedible (though some wildflowers are edible, including young dandelion leaves and nettle). It also makes the containers a little messy but hasn’t affected the fruit and salad I grow, and makes pollinators happier. Even the smallest garden can be a little wild.

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