30 Days Wild: Explore Nature Folklore

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Thursdays are #FolkloreThursday on Twitter: a great opportunity to learn about the stories that have passed through time, and share your folklore knowledge.


I’ve long been a fan of folklore. These are a few of my favourite nature stories.

  1. The elder is beloved by fairies, and falling asleep under an elder bush could see you spirited away with them… It is thought to be a plant of balance, with delicate white blossoms but deep purple berries. Growing an elder outside your home is thought to protect it from evil spirits. It’s also delicious in cordial, elderflower champagne and wine. However, treat it with respect. It was long believed that the Elder Mother inhabited the elder trunk – and woe betide anyone who cuts or burns it…
  2. Daisies are flowers that represent innocence, purity and enduring love (perhaps because they are two flowers that grow together – something I find lovely). Making daisy chains and using them to divine love (with the ‘loves me/loves me not’ rhyme) are two simple ways to spend a romantic sunny afternoon.
  3. The oak tree is known as ‘king of the trees’ due to its size, and has been lauded by many cultures. Some consider it to be the tree of life. It is also a tree with many uses from house-building to making dye, which could feed into its reputation. The Green Man is often depicted with oak leaves growing from his ears and mouth.

Learning the folklore behind different plants and wildlife helps connect us with the past, as well as the nature that surrounds us today. Follow @FolkloreThurs on Twitter and share what you learn.


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