30 Days Wild: Rock Your World

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Connecting with nature doesn’t always have to involve getting outdoors. Nature art can be a fun way to ‘bring the outdoors indoors’ – and spend a grey afternoon.

Rock painting is a growing trend at the moment. Local groups are springing up on social media and people are hiding painted rocks across the country, for others to find (and hide again). Some opt for rainbows and hearts, others experiment with marbling and other paint techniques, and some people paint words such as love or peace.

Whatever you paint, just make sure you don’t stick anything that could harm wildlife to the rocks (e.g. googly eyes). Seal the surface with varnish or mod podge once it’s painted, to stop the design from wearing off.

You can add a hashtag for a local rock painting group (or make a nature themed #30DaysWild rock) if you want to know when someone finds your rock. Obviously, there are no guarantees it will be found – or that someone won’t find and keep it. However, rock painting is about making the world a little brighter – and can be a relaxing way to spend time too.



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