30 Days Wild: Connect Through Nature

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As a child, I used to get bored when my mum spent ages taking photos of sunsets. Fast forward 20 years and I find myself showing mum photos of sunsets I’ve taken. Nature helps connect us – even if it can take time to appreciate every aspect of it.

I was lucky enough to have a visit from mum this week. I took her for a walk along the canal, in the hope of spotting some of the wildlife.

She was as smitten with the tiny moorhen chicks as I am, but it was the swans who gravitated towards her. She started feeding one, then two, and eventually nine swans who arrived having heard there was bird seed available (though I only photographed 7).


I loved seeing her happily standing surrounded by swans, telling off ones that were greedy and making sure everyone got their fair share.

30 Days Wild offers a great chance to connect with someone you love, and share the joys that nature offers. Join in.

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