Preview: Divine Proportions

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I first heard about Divine Proportions a few months ago, after following producers/art collective Shotgun Carousel on Twitter. I was a huge fan of their work at Latitude Festival a few years ago and have kept a keen eye on their subsequent activities.

As it’s Folklore Thursday, it seemed only apt to mention Divine Proportions as it combines folklore with burlesque, feasting and fire – surely the perfect prequel to Saturnalia?

Based around the story of Dionysus, God of Wine and Merriment, Divine Proportions describes itself as, ‘an immersive dining experience that blurs the line between feast and fantasy.’ Including a five-course feast, it involves, ‘a reimagining of the Bacchic rites – an indulgent night of eating, drinking and wild dancing’ using Greek myths to ‘explore pleasure, beauty and sensuality, personal freedom, gender fluidity and desire’.

Produced by immersive party creator Laura Drake Chambers, designed by immersive theatre expert Samuel Wyer (Alive Underground, The Twits) and directed by co-founder and director of Pecs: The Drag King Collective Celine Lowenthal, Divine Proportions promises to be an evening fit for deities. The costumes look impressive, as does the food. As someone who enjoys both feasting and fantasy, I added the show to my ‘must see’ list as soon as I saw details about it.

Since then, the producers have kindly given me a press pass to go to the show so I’ll be reviewing it soon. However, in the meantime, it seems mean to keep the show to myself when you could go to see it. Divine Proportions runs from now until 12th January. Follow Dionysus and their Priestesses into a world of eternal ecstasy in this life and the next – get tickets from £35 through The Vaults website


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