30 Days Wild: Week Two

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The weather this week has brought all the rainy day activities to the fore. Splashing in puddles: collecting rainwater for the (currently well-soaked) plants, and watching the reflections and ripples in the canal.


I also spotted an urban wildflower brightening up a bin.



I’m watching the elderflower closely but it’s still not quite ready to be picked and turned into cordial and champagne. It’s a short season and I don’t want to miss out.

I’ve also been making houseplant cuttings, to share with other people. One of the joys of gardening is swapping tips, seeds and produce. I’m currently growing three tomatoes from seedlings given to me by a friend, along with forget-me-nots seeded from the community allotment and many seeds collected from last year or given to me by friends. It seems only fair to return the favour.

As well as tending the garden, I’ve spent time watching a blackbird (without my camera), and admired local window boxes. There’s lots of colour emerging.




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