30 Days Wild: Week Three

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The third week of 30 Days Wild has been a touch less soggy than previous weeks. This meant I could tick eating al fresco off my list, even if the barbecue did take a while to get started…


Earlier in the week, I spotted a mysterious creature that Twitter (and a few ID guides) suggested was a mayfly. I’d never seen one close up before, and loved its intricate wings.


I spotted a ladybird larvae, and found a feather in the garden, which I suspect belonged to a blackbird, given the birds that spend time on my lawn.


I also spent time watching ants at work: a relaxing thing to do.

The community allotment is flourishing, with particularly striking poppies. I spent time admiring the beautiful details of the flowers (and taking #RainbowBlooms photos to share on Twitter).


The weekend brought a trip to a fete. Lying on the field looking up at the skies seemed a good option.


I’m hoping there will be more sunnier days this week. It felt good to have the sun on my skin.

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